ur 5 & 6-year Extended Road Care Programs have been designed to assist our auto dealership clients in providing security and protection beyond the dealership floor while increasing their income on every deal.

Many auto manufacturers are offering Roadside Assistance Programs for the first 3 years after the sale of a new vehicle. The coverage is usually minimal and in many cases it only offers an 800 number to call and the customer still pays out of pocket for the service.

Our 6-year Extended Road Care Program is designed for new cars and provides the customer with three additional years of Road Side Assistance and Towing up to $500, beginning three years after the sale date, when the manufacturer’s coverage ends.

Additional benefits include: $500 emergency rental expense, $500 emergency living expense, 24-hour emergency room locator, map touring services, hotel discounts and rental car discounts. These benefits are effective from the date of sale

Our 5-year Extended Road Care Program is the answer for the used cars. It provides the same benefits as the 6-year program, but ALL benefits are effective from the date of sale. Immediate coverage begins for your customers when they drive off your lot.

In many cases, where mileage allows, a vehicle requiring additional service or towing can be brought back to your dealership so you maintain the service business as well.

Both programs allow the customer to contact one toll-free number for all services.

Auto Help Line of America provides 24/7/365 dispatching for the United States and Canada from our state of the art call center to assist your customers.

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