ur Travel Protection Plan (TPP) has been assisting agents and their customers throughout Illinois for decades. It’s our Rental Reimbursement Program that can help eliminate out of pocket expenses for your members while allowing your agency to earn additional income.

No more explaining to customers that they will have to pay for at least half of their rental car bill if not all of it! Additionally, we provide coverage in the event of a theft; many insurance companies do not.

This product is financeable and provides $25 per day for 10 days.

It can be used in addition to the company’s rental coverage to eliminate or limit out-of-pocket expenses. It can also be added to liability-only policies to provide rental reimbursement coverage in the event of an accident or theft where most customers would be left stranded with no protection.

If your customer cannot rent a car due to credit card issues, age or lack of a valid license, we will cover the same benefit of $25 per day for 10 days for taxi reimbursement to and from work.

In addition, we provide $300 of protection for personal property in the rental vehicle and $100 ambulance reimbursement if taken by ambulance from a police-reported accident.

TPP is a solid program that can be added to every customer’s package for real added protection and substantial additional income for your agency.

We handle the claims directly for your added convenience and send the checks directly to your members.

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